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MODERN HOMOEOPATHY  is newly introduced scientific advanced system of homoeopathy based on clinical practices which includes some new concept of devolpement along with traditional system of homoeopathy as follows-

COMPLETE CURE:- Modern homoeopathy completely recovers the diseases & patient as a whole in physical, mental & holistic way in order to prevent relapse of diseases for rest of life as it corrects the  disturbed body metabolism & stops the mechanism which is responsible for continuous  progression & relapse of diseases from inside of body ,which is very essential and important for any of the medical  science. Modern homoeopathy also  allows treatment of multiple diseases with same  medicines in same time along with rest of existing  treatment. Most important Modern Homoeopathy works specially on limitations of homoeopathy & provides new scope of hope for homoeopathy even in most complicated & incurable disorders.

In Modern homoeopathy for any and every kind of diseases there are curative and supportive  both types of approaches are possible, even it may take along with rest of any medical system as per stage and severity of diseases & requirement of individual patient. Modern homoeopathy believes in making proper diagnostic approach & differential diagnosis of diseases & resolution as per exact reports & stages of each and every disease.

EASY:- In Modern homoeopathy we use different types of medicinal forms & scales like decimal potency, centimal potency, 50 millisimel  potency, mother tinctures, biochemic medicines, patents etc.

In Modern Homeopathy mode of medicinal intake is very easy which can be taken without any confusion under guidance of expert homoeopathic consultant. Modern Homeopathy does not believe in traditional   law of homoeopathy that while taking homoeopathy medicines  there should be restriction of high smelling food, as due to high quality and potentised  medicines forms modern homoeopathy does not consider all these restriction at all that’s way modern homoeopathy provides very easy treatment in very less medicinal doses without any  restriction and heavy breakfast of medicines.

SAFE: – In modern homoeopathy there is no sideeffects of medicines even after use of highly potentised medicinal selection as per requirement of response or stages of diseases. As we know while homoeopathy potentisation process  the power or potency or quality  of medicines will increase gradually  & simultaneously its quantity of medicinal substance will be reduced hence use of less crude form & the chance of side effects are almost nil, which should be  very important for any of the medical system and it is possible only in modern homoeopathy irrespective of any other health system.

FAST :-The most differential concept of modern homoeopathy is its fast treatment process which gives it tremendous difference from old system of homoeopathy, because in modern homoeopathy as of now 4000 of the new homoeopathic medicines are available  and there is scope of power of medicines from 0 to 50 lakh potency is available, which are scientifically proved and capable to root out and cure of any of the  diseases without any sideeffects in fast mode of treatment course even in complicated cases Modern homoeopathy works very fast which is very important aspect as per requirement of present health scenario & aspect of diseases. An expert Modern homoeopath may also take help of computerized softwares for repertorisation and selection for appropriate medicines as per requirement of case & differential aspect of diseases.

COSTEFFECTIVE:- Modern homoeopathy even after its multidimentional importance is very costeffective in comparison to rest of the other health medical science mode that’s why Modern  Homoeopathy is getting popular day by day as it provides COMPLETE,PERMANENT,EASY, SAFE , FAST & COSTEFFECTIVE PERMANENT MODERN HOMOEOPATHY CURE for each & every types of diseases & as per servey every fourth individual of world is getting complete health recovery by trusting towards MODERN HOMOEOPATHY

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