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> Updates > APLASTIC ANAEMIA CURED (SAA) अप्लास्टिक एनीमिया WITH MIRACULOUS IMPROVEMENT OF LOW PLATELETS LEVEL CRITICAL 17000 cu/mm to 73000 cu/mm BY MODERN HOMOEOPATHY TREATMENT ONLY FOR HIGHLY RISK CATEGORY UNCURABLE DECLARED , SEVERE , COMPLICATED SUFFERING CHRONIC ANOTHER CASE to save lifetime drug dependency, PRP transfusion, Blood Transfusion , ATG & Bone Marrow Transplant surgery. Find PRE & POST MODERN HOMOEOAPTHY TREATMENT reports , written feedback & video of Modern Homoeopathy treatment for Aplastic Anaemia patients on https://youtu.be/5bGrLpXqDsk, https://youtu.be/PaxMXETq1VA , https://youtu.be/0lXuY4xzkug , https://youtu.be/lH8dNjqBd60, https://youtu.be/eC00KEFMXOw This positive life saving response of Modern homoeopathy has been also appreciated by HAEMATOLOGIST👍. Patient is still asymptomatic without any PRP, Blood transfusion & Saved bone Marrow Transplant Successfully .Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homoeopathic Clinic, Dr Arpit Chopra Jain MD Homoeopathy , Critical & Surgical Specialist +91-9907527914