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> Updates > 👆 BREAST FIBROADENOMA NODULE 4 X 2.2 CM large sized with BIRADS category 2 , DISSOLVED & CURED SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT SURGERY & REVERSED BIRADS CATEGORY TO NEGATIVE LEVEL BY MODERN HOMOEOPATHY TREATMENT TO SAVE SURGERY, FURTHUR COMPLICATION & RECURRENCE.Patient had successfully saved surgery Watch patient feedback with reports & my view about Modern Homoeopathy treatment without surgery for breast fibroadenoma & Fibrocystic Diseases on https://youtu.be/emRQ5tYN5Hw . Regads- Aarogya Super Speciality Modern Homoeopathic Clinic, Dr.Arpit Chopra (MD Homoeopathy & Critical @ Surgical Disease specialist) , Indore, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdJjgbqedzIjvMUiQ0_tsg, www.aarogyahomoeopathyindore.com, www.homoeopathycure.in/com https://www.justdial.com/Indore/Aarogya-Super-Speciallity-Modern-Homeopathic-Clinic-New-Palasia, https://g.page/r/CaRz52neBZQXEBA, +91-9713092737, 9907527914 (Whats app no)